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Confirmado: Adam Hughes diseñará trajes de Watchmen

wonderwoman193_cover.jpgLo que era un rumor hasta anteayer, se confirmó ayer en una entrevista de Newsarama: Adam Hughes diseñará los trajes de la adaptación cinematográfica de Watchmen.

“In a comic book, because it’s all graphic abstraction, it’s easier to accept something that’s completely insane,” Hughes said. “But in a movie, you can make stuff that’s slightly insane – something that, if you saw someone walking down the street in it, you’d think, ‘No,’ but there’s something about the context of a movie that allows the slightly bizarre to become acceptable, just like where comics allow the amazingly bizarre to become acceptable. So now it’s a matter of, ‘Okay, how do we take the Silk Spectre from the amazingly bizarre to the slightly bizarre?’ After all, she wears an outfit that you could pull right out of Victoria’s Secret…”

Hughes is keeping mum on who exactly he’s been asked to sketch – although, as one might be able to guess, he was working on design elements of the Silk Spectre while speaking with Newsarama. “I haven’t been asked to do sketches of all the Watchmen, just a few of them,” Hughes said. “I think, the message at least I’m taking from that is that with some of them, there’s nothing that needs to be tweaked for the 21st century. 

Es una elección un poco extraña: Adam Hughes es un dibujante bastante competente, pero su especialidad -ver arriba- es la satisfacción de los consumidores adolescentes del mercado del cómic de superhéroes.

En fin, espero que al menos no se les ocurra tocar el traje de Nite Owl (se le tiene que notar la panza) ni de Rorscharch (tiene que verse apestoso) ni del Dr. Manhattan (tiene que estar calato). Porsiaca: la película será dirigida por Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead, 300).

Link: The art of Adam Hughes


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