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El mejor libro del año es un cómic

alison.jpgEn el blog de Iván Thays me entero de que el número uno del Top Ten literario del 2006, según la revista Time, es Fun Home: A family tragicomic. Su autora, Alison Bechdel -en la imagen-, es la chica de moda en los comics indie (su comic-blog «Dykes to Watch Out For» es uno de los más visitados).

La reseña de The New York Times dice:

She’s a lesbian, and sexuality looms large in her memoir. Bechdel’s father, Bruce, was gay (as she puts it: «a manic-depressive, closeted fag»), and «Fun Home» is at its heart a story about a daughter trying to understand her father through the common and unspoken bond of their homosexuality. The hopelessness of this desire is deepened by the fact that Bruce Bechdel was hit by a truck and killed shortly after his daughter wrote her parents a letter that announced, «I am a lesbian.»

¡Y está a sólo $13.57 en Amazon!

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